The Stone

The Stone is an artifact that was discovered by archeologist Gerard Hunter, in the year 902. It was discovered buried several hundred feet beneath an oasis in the Hyur Desert.

The Stone is of unknown origin, and has the unusual property of radiating energy from it’s surface, in seemingly infinite supply (it is hypothesized that the oasis above it’s discovery site lived entirely from it’s energy output). These strange characteristics make The Stone of primary scientific interest, and as such, it is being carefully studied at SDI Aleph.

The Stone is of an unknown substance, possibly a type of granite, and is black, with a mildly rough surface. It is a perfect cube, with each dimension being just over 34 feet. It has been described as “warm to the touch”, and some have reported strange “tingling” sensations when near or touching it.

After having been unearthed from Hyur, The Stone was taken to The University of Silithstrine in Dunsmierne, until the formation of the Hunter Science Council and SDI Aleph in 925, when The Stone was moved there. This relocation to Pondross allowed then King Tourer to establish a trade with the Hunter Science Council, and a series of energy conduits were laid from SDI Aleph to several neighboring towns and cities, with the Pondrossa government taxing the throughput. The Stone has powered Pondro, Fbrisi, and Erilee since 927.

The Stone

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