Slein is a small Pondrossa village on Mt Slein. It rests at 6,000 feet, but is adjacent to the peak. Slein was founded long before Fbrisi, but has, in recent years, become somewhat dependent on the city, for primary resources.

Slein has a very laid back, comfortable atmosphere. The population are known as The Sleians, and they are a close-knit community. Everyone knows everyone, and with rare exception, everyone likes one another. There is a wide variety of individuals and personality types and The Sleians are proud of this diversity. In fact, most Sleians came to Slein because they found they had a hard time “fitting in” into other populaces, and things finally clicked when they found Slein.

There is a mechanical tram system that connects Slein to Fbrisi, though before that was built, the extensive network of caves were used.

Notable locations in Slein include the bars Fermat’s Last Beer ‘Em and The Hook & Hole, The Djinn Inn, and the Town Hall, where the Council of Elders govern.


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